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At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we’ve been representing clients in cases involving confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and other contracts with restrictive covenant clauses for over 30 years. Business owners, employers, franchisors and employees trust us with their most complex and challenging contract cases in Gilbert and throughout Arizona. Find out how we can help you with a confidentiality or non-compete case in Gilbert today by calling (602) 265-2600 for a free and confidential consultation.

What Is a Confidentiality Agreement?

A confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract – often between an employer and employee – that prevents one or more parties from disclosing confidential information. These contracts can benefit employers by protecting their businesses’ trade secrets, intellectual property and other sensitive business information by preventing leaks to their competitors. The most common example of a confidentiality agreement is a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA.

What Is a Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-compete agreement is a contract stating that an employee agrees not to compete with an employer after his or her time at the company has ended. For example, an employee cannot work for the competition or start a competing business after quitting. Non-compete agreements are often challenged and disfavored by courts. A non-compete clause in Arizona must specifically protect a legitimate business interest, be reasonable in scope and duration, and not violate public policy to be upheld by state courts.

Do You Need a Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements Attorney?

Confidentiality agreements and non-competes can often lead to an employer acting like a negotiation bully since the employee’s ability to walk away from an unfair deal is impeded by the contract. This situation calls for assistance from an experienced business law attorney in Gilbert to help you fight against an unfair or unenforceable agreement. The Gilbert non-compete agreement lawyers at the Law Offices of William D. Black can help you defend your rights as a party to a confidentiality clause or non-compete agreement.

Conversely, if you are an employer or franchisor who wishes to enforce a confidentiality or non-compete agreement in Gilbert, our team of non-compete agreement attorneys can help you reach your goals. We will carefully review and analyze the document, then list your options for contract enforcement. If you believe an employee has breached your contract, for instance, we can help you initiate a claim to fight for fair financial compensation. Arizona typically enforces non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenant clauses if they adhere to the legal requirements.

Our Legal Services in Gilbert

A Gilbert business lawyer can take the legal burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your job or running your business, and give you advice that you can trust. We provide the following services in this practice area, among others:

At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we have experience with alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation or arbitration, as well as business law trials in Maricopa County. Our Gilbert business law attorneys will help you achieve your legal goals from either side of a contract case with exceptional legal services from the very beginning.

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Whether you wish to have a confidentiality or non-compete agreement enforced or voided in Gilbert, Arizona, Attorney William D. Black can help. Our law firm will provide a comprehensive analysis of your particular case to learn its facts and identify your goals. Then, we can work with forensic experts, CPAs, financial analysts and highly qualified co-counsels to build the strongest possible case for you.

At the Law Offices of William D. Black, your goals will become our goals. Speak to a confidentiality and non-compete agreement lawyer in Gilbert, AZ during a free case evaluation. Contact us online or call (602) 265-2600 today.

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