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Legal issues involving Arizona business and commercial law are almost always high-stakes.  In many cases, the future of your business and livelihood may depend on achieving a successful resolution.  For these reasons, it is imperative that anyone who is facing a complex business law issue seeks experienced legal counsel.  At the Law Offices of William D. Black, our Tempe business law attorneys have decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes throughout Arizona.  Contact us today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

What is Business Law?

Business law covers a wide range of issues and laws that govern the operation of public and private businesses.  Business law covers everything from the creation of a new business to issues that arise during the operation, such as contract disputes, tax law, employee agreements, sale or purchase agreements, and bankruptcy.  Our Tempe business law attorneys have significant experience handling these along with a wide range of other business law matters.

Why Hire a Tempe Business Law Attorney?

Nearly every business will be involved in litigation or some other administrative proceeding at some point during their operation.  The fact is that most business owners do not possess the expertise and a deep understanding of the laws, processes, and issues involved in commercial law.  If you wait until you are faced with litigation to look for an attorney, not only will it be too late to avoid being sued, you may already be at a disadvantage in many other areas.  An experienced Tempe business lawyer can benefit your business in nearly every aspect of your business.

Liability Protection in Arizona

As previously mentioned, if you wait until you are sued to speak with a business lawyer, it’s already too late.  The fact of the matter is that a strong business attorney can help prevent you from litigation in the first place.  Ensuring that you and your business are compliant with zoning laws, employment law, copyright, trademark and intellectual property law, and premises liability law can help protect you and your business.

Business Formation and Structure

A Tempe business law attorney can help you make sound decisions during the exploratory phase of your business and help you draft operating agreements, protect your intellectual property, review commercial real estate agreements, and more.  Additionally, your Tempe business law lawyer can help you make a sound decision on whether you operate as a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company, or S or C corp.  Working with a Tempe business formation lawyer can help shield your business from legal issues down the road.

Business Contracts and Legal Agreements in Tempe

Legal documents and contracts are long and can be incredibly complex in Arizona.  A Tempe business law attorney can help draft solid agreements that will hold up in court and review those that you are considering signing.  This includes:

A Tempe business lawyer can also help procure necessary permits and licenses, such as a liquor license.

Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation in Tempe

No matter how well-positioned your business is or how strong your agreements are, at some point it is likely that you will face litigation – whether it be with a former partner, employee, contractor, or vendor.  Your Tempe business lawyer can help represent your business’s best interest in mediation, arbitration, or in court.

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The Law Offices of William D. Black has handled business law cases in Tempe for over 30 years.  During that time, we have represented businesses of all sizes across many different industries.  We have chosen to remain a boutique law firm, allowing us to provide effective and efficient representation for every client.  Contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation or call (602) 265-2600 today for more information.

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