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Fee Structure & Costs

When we initially review your legal needs with you, we will discuss the suggested attorney’s fee and cost agreement. Different fee agreements are available, depending on the nature of the case we are asked to process. So why hire us?

Contingency Fee Cases

In personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home malpractice and elderly abuse cases, our firm represents injured and disabled clients and/or their family members on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is a percentage of the proceeds which we recover for you. The percentage charged depends upon the complexity of the case and risks involved in successfully processing it. No fee is charged for the initial consultation or for subsequent work done unless and until we recover money to compensate you for your losses. In most cases, we advance the costs on behalf of the client and we recover them back when we are successful.  If we are unable to recover, there are no fees and generally no costs are charged. The contingency fee basis of compensation provides the lawyer with the purest form of incentive to get results-the more money he is awarded for the client, the more he earns for himself. It also provides the incentive to resolve the case as soon as possible. For many people without significant resources, it may provide them the ‘keys to the courthouse’ which otherwise would be unavailable.

Hourly Fee Cases or Set Rate Project Fees

Most of our business cases are handled on an hourly fee basis or a set-rate (fixed fee) per project basis. We do accept major credit cards including Amex, VISA, Mastercard and Discover. In some limited instances, we will process business cases on a contingency fee basis. Examples of these types of cases are business breach of contract, intellectual property cases, wrongful termination cases, sex discrimination or other employment discrimination cases.

Transparency In How We Operate

Whatever the fee arrangement, we will formalize it in writing prior to beginning our work on the case. As the case progresses, we provide the client with regular updates of our progress and itemized billing statements, if working on an hourly fee basis. In most cases with the exception of contingency fee matters, we require retainer fees to be paid, which we hold in our trust account, pending completion of the work. We are sensitive to the high cost of legal services and have organized our firm to be streamlined, efficient and price-competitive. We strive to achieve superior results without “overlawyering and overspending” on legal matters. We appreciate the confidence that our clients place in us when they entrust their legal work to our firm. As a result, we work hard to keep the overall economics of the case in good perspective and to deliver the best possible result.

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