Why Hire Us

Ten Reasons to Hire Our Firm

  1. We have a proven record of success with our significant settlement amounts and jury verdicts over the last thirty years.
  2. We are skilled at negotiating significant and meaningful settlements, sometimes even early in the case.
  3. We are experienced in dealing with insurance adjustors, who respect our proven record of success and know that we will not settle our client’s case without getting full value.
  4. We have an outstanding reputation in the Arizona legal community for our practice skills and for our integrity.
  5. When we take a case on, we will do a prompt and thorough investigation before evidence is lost or witnesses disappear and will continue to update our investigative results.
  6. When appropriate, we will handle cases on a contingency fee basis to put the risk in our court as well as yours.
  7. We have good people skills and treat clients the way we would like to be treated, communicating with them at all stages of their case.
  8. We are good at explaining the complex legal process to our clients and making them feel comfortable as they proceed through with their case.
  9. We shoot straight with our clients and work hard to create reasonable expectations for them while we work to build their case.
  10. We care a great deal about each of our clients and will not take on their representation unless we are reasonably comfortable that we can work with them to achieve their goals and ultimately justice.

What Should Clients Expect From Us

We believe clients are entitled to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. At the same time, we believe it is important to be realistic with them and not to create unrealistic, exaggerated or unfounded expectations. We understand that clients need an experienced attorney who can help to guide them through the difficulties they may be facing and do so promptly and for a reasonable fee. The expertise and experience Mr. Black has developed over the last thirty years makes us confident he can help his clients achieve their goals with optimal results. He will fight relentlessly for these goals in bulldog fashion, but tempered with good reason and judgment.

Our Overall Goals

We fight for full and fair compensation for the harms and losses many of our clients have suffered. Alternatively, we counsel other clients on preventative measures to avoid such harms or losses. We prefer to take cases with a cause, cases in which we believe we can help people not only win their case but achieve justice in a larger sense. Our main goal is to fight for people and in doing so, to help to improve community standards overall.

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