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If your job involves a business contract with a restrictive covenant clause – such as a confidentiality or non-compete agreement – consult with an attorney at the Law Offices of William D. Black for legal assistance before the document is signed. These contracts are often challenged and must be carefully worded to be upheld by the Arizona courts. If you have already signed one of these contracts and are dealing with a dispute, a confidentiality and non-compete agreement attorney can also help you with litigation.

Contact us for a free review of your case, where we will let you know how we can help you with your confidentiality or non-compete agreement in Tempe.

Understanding Restrictive Covenant Clauses

In an employment or business contract in Arizona, a restrictive covenant clause prohibits an individual from competing with an ex-employer for a certain amount of time after leaving the business. Several types of contracts can contain restrictive covenant clauses, including:

  • Confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality agreement is a contract that binds one or more parties to a promise not to disclose confidential information. They are used by employers to protect trade secrets, intellectual property and other important confidential information.
  • Nondisclosure agreement (NDA). The most common type of confidentiality agreement is an NDA. This document ensures that certain sensitive information remains confidential between two or more parties.
  • Non-compete agreement. A non-compete agreement prohibits one or more parties (oftentimes, an employee) from competing with a company after departing said company, such as by working for the competition or starting a competing business.
  • Non-solicitation agreement. A non-solicitation agreement, also known as an anti-piracy agreement, is a promise by an employee not to solicit the customers or clients of his or her former employee for a certain period of time after the employee leaves the company.

If you have signed a document with a restrictive covenant clause as an employer, employee or another party in Tempe, it is important to understand all of its fine print and legal jargon. You may need assistance from a confidentiality and non-compete agreement attorney to fully understand your legal contract and how it may affect your rights.

Are Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Competes Enforceable in Arizona?

Historically, confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements have been most popular in the information technology (IT) industry and other technology fields. Yet they are appearing more and more in a variety of jobs and business activities, including textbook editing, social media marketing, hairstyling and camp counseling (according to the New York Times).

Employers state that these agreements help them protect their important trade secrets and intellectual property. However, arguments against them state that they stifle innovation and economic development by preventing employees from having the freedom to choose where they work.

Several states have decided not to uphold or enforce non-compete agreements, including California, Montana and Oklahoma. In Arizona, however, the courts enforce most non-compete clauses as long as they do not go against public policy, are specific in the legitimate business interests that they protect, and are reasonable in scope and duration.

Why Hire an Attorney for Your Confidentiality or Non-Compete Agreement Case in Tempe?

Whether you are trying to get out of a confidentiality or non-compete agreement or are an employer who believes that someone has breached this type of contract, an experienced business and commercial law attorney can help. At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we’ve been representing business clients in Arizona for over 30 years.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand your rights as a party involved in a restrictive covenant clause. We represent clients on both sides of these cases – enforcement and dispute. A confidentiality and non-compete agreement lawyer can provide an in-depth legal analysis of your contract and come up with creative resolutions for your legal issue.

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If you have a legal contract that could benefit from a licensed business lawyer in Arizona or wish to discuss your rights as a party who has signed a confidentiality or non-compete agreement in Tempe, please contact us to request a free case review in Tempe. We look forward to assisting you with your business law matter.

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