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Managing a business is a complicated endeavor that can involve legal issues and disputes, such as business partner quarrels, breach of contract cases and employment law matters. If you get involved in a business law case in Gilbert, Arizona, the Law Offices of William D. Black can represent you during trial litigation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Contact us today to request a free consultation, where you can learn more about your case by talking to an attorney at no cost or obligation.

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  • Our lead attorney, William D. Black, has over 30 years of experience in business litigation.
  • Our law firm has what it takes to help you with any type of business dispute.
  • We have helped numerous business owners successfully resolve their cases.
  • We have earned the trust of our clients through quality work and responsiveness to their needs.
  • Our goal is to achieve an effective resolution while keeping our legal fees reasonable.

What Is the Difference Between Business Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution refers to a procedure that attempts to resolve a legal dispute outside of the courtroom, allowing all involved parties to avoid the cost, time and stress of a trial. Most business entities attempt to resolve disputes through ADR before going to court. In fact, mediation is often listed as a requirement before a case can proceed to trial in business contracts, such as employment agreements and consumer contracts.

Even if a business does not have an ADR clause, opting for alternative dispute resolution can keep court costs to a minimum. Mediation, for example, is an informal meeting between both parties, their attorneys (if desired) and a mediator, often in a law office or neutral meeting location. During mediation, both parties will have the opportunity to state their cases to the mediator, who is usually trained in conflict resolution and can help the parties reach a compromise. Mediation does not result in a binding order.

Arbitration is another form of ADR. It is more formal than mediation but not as formal as a trial. The parties involved can choose between binding and nonbinding arbitration. The benefits of ADR over a business law trial in Arizona include cost savings, a shorter timeline, private legal proceedings and – in many cases – autonomy over the outcome of the case. ADR can result in a fair and reasonable case outcome while avoiding a court trial.

Do You Need to Hire a Business Litigation Attorney for an Alternative Dispute Resolution?

While no law in Arizona requires you to hire an attorney for alternative dispute resolution, doing so can significantly improve the outcome of your case and your overall legal experience. An experienced business litigation lawyer in Gilbert can tell you exactly what to expect during mediation or arbitration, as well as represent you during your meeting to protect your rights and best interests.

Your attorney can help you and the other party compromise and come up with innovative solutions to your issue during ADR. This can improve the chances of successfully resolving the dispute without having to take your case to trial. Furthermore, hiring a business litigation lawyer in Gilbert can give you greater peace of mind throughout the legal process, enabling you to focus more on running your business than on a complicated legal dispute.

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The right attorney in Gilbert can help you understand and protect your rights as a party involved in a business litigation matter or ADR. At the Law Offices of William D. Black, our business litigation lawyers are respected in the community and among our peers. We have represented business clientele in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona since 1979. We can help you achieve your goals during business litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Start with a free case evaluation with a business attorney, either over the phone or at our local law office. Call (602) 265-2600 or contact us online today to request yours.

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