Gilbert Commercial Lease Negotiations and Disputes Lawyer

A commercial lease is a detailed and complex legal contract between the owner or controller of a piece of commercial property and a tenant (normally, a business owner). Before you sign a commercial lease in Gilbert, Arizona, it is critical to contact an attorney. Otherwise, you may sign a document that infringes upon your rights or isn’t fair to you and your business.

At the Law Offices of William D. Black, our Gilbert commercial lease lawyers are available to review your case to discuss any negotiations and disputes in detail at no cost or obligation. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.

Do You Need a Gilbert Commercial Lease Negotiations Lawyer?

When it comes to something as important and complex as a commercial lease, you can trust that an attorney will protect your best interests. A lawyer will give you straightforward advice and provide exceptional legal services to help you with lease negotiations or also a dispute. A commercial lease lawyer can review a lease agreement, let you know if it protects your rights and interests, negotiate with a landlord on your behalf for more favorable terms, represent you during a commercial lease dispute in Gilbert, and more.

Does Your Commercial Lease Protect Your Rights?

It is normal for someone to sign a residential lease agreement without reading it over carefully. Residential leases contain general tenant protections, such as a landlord’s responsibility to keep the premises well-maintained. A commercial lease, on the other hand, tends not to favor the tenant. Instead, it is written to benefit the landlord or property owner. For this reason, it is imperative to bring a commercial lease contract to an attorney in Gilbert before signing.

There are several types of commercial leases, each with different levels of responsibility for the tenant. A common type is a net lease. In general, this places the bulk of the responsibility for the property with the tenant in return for a lower base rent. A gross lease is more tenant-friendly. It involves a single lump sum paid to the landlord to cover the building’s expenses. There are also hybrid leases, or modified gross leases, that fall somewhere in the middle.

It is important to read the language of your commercial lease agreement and understand the type of contract you are entering. This will enable you to determine your responsibilities as a tenant – as well as your rights. You can also negotiate the terms of your commercial lease before you sign with assistance from a lawyer. A commercial lease negotiations attorney in Gilbert can help you negotiate provisions that provide the highest possible level of protection for you and your business.

Common Causes of Commercial Lease Disputes in Gilbert

Even if you are initially satisfied with the terms of your commercial lease agreement, you can still encounter issues and disputes with your landlord down the road. It is very important to speak with a commercial lease disputes attorney as these disputes could threaten the future of your business, such as lockouts, foreclosures and collection actions. Common reasons behind commercial lease disputes in Arizona include:

  • Lease violations
  • Property damage
  • Lack of property maintenance and upkeep
  • Rent nonpayment or late payments
  • Requests for rent extensions
  • Long lease terms
  • A desire to get out of a lease early
  • Foreclosures or repossessions
  • Real estate broker or agent issues
  • Personal guarantee claims
  • Issues connected to COVID-19

If you are dealing with any type of commercial lease dispute in Gilbert, hire an attorney to represent you during mediation or hearings for optimal results. A lawyer will increase the odds of winning your case and keeping your business operating out of the same location with more favorable lease terms. A commercial lease dispute lawyer in Gilbert can come up with innovative solutions that work for both parties to keep relations as amiable as possible with your landlord.

Contact a Gilbert Commercial Lease Negotiations and Disputes Lawyer Today

At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we simplify commercial real estate. If you are interested in entering into a commercial lease, buying or selling commercial property, or are facing a lease dispute, contact our commercial lease lawyers in Gilbert for a free case consultation today. We will protect your rights and interests during any commercial real estate matter.

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