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Arizona Emergency Rooms Must Be Held Accountable

Perhaps you suffered from a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis at an Arizona emergency room. Perhaps an emergency treatment, surgery or other procedure was conducted incorrectly or unnecessarily. In an effort to treat your original injury or illness, you may have suffered even greater harm at the hands of emergency room doctors or members of the emergency room medical staff. They must be held accountable.

To pursue maximum compensation in the event of an Arizona emergency room error, call the Law Offices of William D. Black at 844-224-0054 or 602-265-2600. From wherever you are in Arizona, we have the resources to assist you.

In our review of potential medical malpractice cases, we have access to well qualified medical experts and specialists.  In cases of Arizona emergency room errors, access to experts and plentiful resources are vital since these case can be extremely complex and challenging.

  • The hospital or other health care provider—such as an urgent care or other stand-alone medical center—may aggressively resist admitting fault.
  • Lawyers for the health care providers may blame the victim.
  • Insurers for the health care company may offer a “low ball settlement” or drag the case on for months or even years in hopes that the victim will withdraw their claim.
  • There may be multiple parties who contributed to injuries. All of them should be named and held accountable for their part in the damage they have caused.
  • Victims of emergency room errors often face catastrophic injuries that are made even worse due to medical errors during their treatment. Fair compensation may be quite significant and, because the responsible health care provider may be resistant to paying what is fair, they may put up a substantial fight.

Call on us now so we can get to work for you. No matter the situation or how well-funded your opponent may be, the Law Offices of William D. Black has the resources to fight on your behalf and more than 25 years of legal experience to rely upon. If we do take your case, we will only collect attorney fees if we win.

A Variety of Problems Occur in Arizona Emergency Rooms

The injuries you or your family have suffered due to emergency room error may have been caused by a wide variety of factors:

  • Failure to keep dangerous patients away from others
  • Inadequate vetting of emergency room staff
  • Inadequate staffing at the emergency room
  • Medical equipment defects or poorly maintained equipment
  • Misdiagnosis of medical conditions
  • Mistakes in administering medications
  • Poor sanitation

Our firm has processed thousands of medical malpractice and other personal injury cases throughout the state of Arizona and we are proud of our proven results. We have received special recognition from the State Bar of Arizona for our exceptional trial results. In most instances, we represent clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that unless we successfully recover in your case, we receive no fee. This makes us selective in the cases we take on and provides additional incentive for us to win.  In most cases we advance all of the costs and expenses, and are reimbursed only upon successful recovery. For diligent, aggressive and proven allies after an Arizona emergency room error, contact the Law Offices of William D. Black.

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