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Has an Anesthesiologist Harmed You?

Anesthesia errors cannot be allowed. If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of an anesthesiologist’s error in Arizona, the Law Offices of William D. Black can help you hold the responsible parties accountable. Your family may need considerable financial support to address the medical challenges resulting from an anesthesia error. Such errors can lead to premature death or catastrophic and permanent medical problems. Anesthesia errors—and all surgical errors—may necessitate lifelong and even around-the-clock medical care and rehabilitation.  An anesthesiologist at medical center, hospital or other facility may have performed in a negligent or unprofessional way that injured the patient and had tragic consequences. They must be held responsible.

Arizona anesthesia error lawyers are prepared to fight on your behalf for the compensation and justice you deserve. By holding health care providers responsible for their errors, we can prevent other patients from becoming victims. Furthermore, if you must make alterations to your life as a result of an Arizona anesthesia error, the responsible parties should pay for these alterations such as:

  • Ongoing medical costs relating to problems caused by anesthesia error
  • Damages and costs from wage loss, loss of future earning capacity and loss of career opportunities
  • Specialized vehicles with wheelchair accessibility
  • Wheelchair accessible housing
  • Funeral costs and compensation due to wrongful death

There is no price tag that can be put on your pain and suffering. But, at the Law Offices of William D. Black, we have nearly three decades of experience helping people confront serious medical, emotional and financial challenges resulting from medical negligence. We will evaluate your case and perform a thorough investigation to determine what appropriate and fair compensation for your case may be.  While no money will ever erase your suffering, financial recovery can allow you to access the type of medical care you deserve and address your other financial needs. Additionally, a financial award can show the negligent health care provider that their actions will not be tolerated.

Our Law Firm Has Access to Specialized Investigators

Proving liability in Arizona anesthesia error lawsuits requires highly focused resources and access to well-qualified experts. At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we have both. Medical malpractice law suits can present complex medical and legal issues and the defense attorneys often show up with a platoon of experts to defend their case.  In some cases, at no extra cost to the client, we partner with select other attorneys in order to get maximum compensation for our clients. Many times we will call on medical experts, specialized investigators and independent anesthesiologists to successfully prosecute our case.   Many times our efforts allow us to develop such a compelling case that the health care provider is willing to offer a fair settlement before a trial is necessary. Very few medical malpractice cases settle for good value without the initiation and pursuit of a lawsuit, but those which are meritorious are usually resolved without the necessity of proceeding through trial.  We are prepared to take your case all the way through a jury trial if necessary.

From our offices in Maricopa County we represent victims of anesthesia error throughout the state of Arizona. Over the last 25 years, we have processed a great number of medical malpractice cases, fighting for compensation and justice on behalf of our injured clients. In most instances, we represent clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that unless we successfully recover in your case, we receive no fee.  This makes us selective in the cases we take on and provides additional incentive for us to win.  In most cases we advance all of the costs and expenses, and are reimbursed only upon successful recovery. Call us to determine how we may be able to help you.

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