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You May Have an Actionable Malpractice Claim if you Have Suffered Injuries and Damages

Arizona Attorney William D. Black is your ally if you have suffered injuries and damages as the result of an improperly delayed medical diagnosis. People of all ages throughout Arizona are often victimized by negligent, distracted or irresponsible health care providers who fail to diagnose medical conditions in a timely manner. Delayed diagnosis is a serious breach of trust between the patient and the health care provider. If you or a family member have experienced this kind of negligence and need an Arizona attorney for an improperly delayed medical diagnosis, call the Law Offices of William D. Black and we will evaluate your case and determine whether you have a valid claim.

If you claim has merit, we will prosecute it and maximize your recovery.  We offer complimentary initial consultations.  Call William D. Black to discuss your case toll free at 844-224-0054 or, from within the Phoenix metro area, 602-265-2600.

All medical malpractice cases have their own complexities but delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis are often very challenging and the results of the delayed diagnosis are, often, not felt until the victim has suffered catastrophic or even fatal consequences. As your attorney in a medical malpractice and delayed diagnosis case, William D. Black will fight to determine the operative facts and will uncover the truth. With the assistance of medical experts and forensic investigators, the details of your case will be conscientiously reviewed and, if you were the victim of delayed diagnosis, we will seek fair compensation on your behalf and those responsible will be held accountable. Our law firm has the resources to handle even the most complex Arizona delayed diagnosis claims and lawsuits. Whether emergency room physicians, nursing home staff or other medical professionals are responsible for your injuries, we will diligently seek the truth and prosecute your claim.

Delayed Diagnosis can lead to Catastrophe

Delayed diagnosis can impact people in the prime of their lives, can cause serious consequences for expectant mothers, result in birth defects and can lead to unimaginable suffering for retired members of the Arizona community. All age groups are vulnerable to the consequences of delayed diagnosis. In many cases, a delay in diagnosis can be a death sentence if a disease such as cancer is not diagnosed or treated in a timely way. For parents, if an expectant mother’s infection or medical condition—such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia—is not diagnosed, irreversible harm may be done to the baby.

Blood clots, infections, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer: many of these are treatable and non-fatal conditions. But if delayed diagnosis is an issue, these conditions can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death.

The underlying facts of delayed diagnosis cases often have tragic consequences. They are not easy cases to prosecute. They are always legally and medically challenging. Highly experienced attorneys with access to highly qualified medical experts are crucial in the successful processing of the claims. Proving that a doctor or other health care provider did not timely diagnose the patient’s condition and that this led to injury or greater harm can be difficult. Furthermore, there are often multiple parties responsible for the delay in diagnosis. The Law Offices of William D. Black has considerable expertise and experience to evaluate these complex cases. We also have the considerable resources to take on these challenging claims and lawsuits and accept cases on a contingency fee basis.

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