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With the dynamic growth of the Phoenix metropolitan area and of the state of Arizona in general, traffic congestion has greatly increased and the number of traffic accidents and resulting serious injuries and fatalities is sharply on the rise. Car accidents take the lives of a great number of Arizonans each year and are the leading cause of brain and spinal cord injuries—not to mention neck, back, orthopedic and neurological injuries.

The pursuit of a personal injury claim from even a simple car accident has become much more complicated and challenging than it used to be. Many accident victims do not understand their rights and how to properly assert them to fully protect themselves. Insurance companies’ chief goals are to pay as little as possible on claims and to hold on to their money as long as they can, even when their insured is clearly at fault. Many adjusters will make low-ball offers, hoping the claimants will settle for peanuts. They drag their feet and set up whatever obstacles they deem necessary and possible to hold onto their money as long as they can. In some cases, it has been proven that they even use scripts to attempt to gain the trust of claimants, to make them think they are represented by the insurance company and to talk them out of seeking legal counsel.

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It takes aggressive and intelligent representation to present the claims and to obtain maximum recoveries. Oftentimes there is also the need to clarify applicable insurance policies and coverages. Claims can be made against liability insurance and other policies which may provide uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, health insurance coverage, medical payments coverage and sometimes disability coverage. Whether you are an injured driver, passenger, or pedestrian, complete exploration of all insurance coverages available will play an important role in maximizing your recovery.

The Arizona attorneys at the Law Offices of William D. Black are experienced in these claims and will make sure the claim investigation is completed properly, the insurance benefits are coordinated smoothly, and that you are fairly compensated for your injury. We handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not owe us anything unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Car accidents in Arizona happen for many reasons.  Many causes are referred to in subsection of this website.  (Accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, etc.)bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and bus accidents.

Car Accident Overview

Millions of Americans get into motor vehicles every day. We drive to work, school, events, and vacations. In fact, for many people, a car is such an instrumental part of daily life that without it they feel stranded or even anxious. While the number of accidents that occur throughout the country is dwarfed by the number of drivers continually on the road, it is still significant. Moreover, automobile accidents can be dangerous and costly, affecting the sense of safety, ability to perform daily tasks, and finances of those involved.

How many accidents are there, and what should drivers know if they were involved in a crash?

The majority of personal injury claims in the United States are prompted by car accidents, which makes sense when considering the number of reported car crashes. In 2012 alone, over 5 million automobile accidents were reported to police.

Fatalities in Accidents

While the majority of vehicular accidents do not result in death, over 37,000 people in the United States die annually from injuries sustained during car accidents. Statistically, nearly 8,000 of those deaths are likely to involve drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 years old. Additionally, upwards of 1,500 children are fatally injured in accidents each year.

Injuries in Accidents

Every year in the United States, over 2.35 million people are disabled or seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. These crashes are physically, emotionally, and financially costly. Accidents not only profoundly affect those involved in them, they also cost the U.S. nearly $230 billion per year due to damages, loss of employment capability, and road and vehicle repairs.

Common Car Accident Causes

While any number of factors can contribute to vehicular accidents, the resounding majority stem from some form of careless or negligent behavior on the part of drivers. Almost all car accidents can be avoided if drivers remain vigilant and adhere to traffic laws. Taking proper safety precautions cannot be minimalized.

Additionally, people must keep their focus almost entirely on the operation of their vehicle. Often, this is not the reality of the road. It is advisable for drivers to familiarize themselves with common types and causes of accidents. Doing so ensures drivers pay attention during potentially volatile driving situations. Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Recklessness – Reckless driving, defined as operating a vehicle in a deliberately unsafe way with disregard for the potential consequences of such actions, is a primary cause of accidents in the United States. Examples of reckless driving include driving unnecessarily and illegally fast, excessive or erratic changing between lanes, and unsafe passing with failure to signal.
  • Drunkenness – Last year, over one million people were injured or killed during an alcohol-related driving accident. Driving under the influence, which often can mean driving after having had as few as two drinks, is one of the leading causes of car accidents and resulting injury.
  • Disregard for Traffic Laws – In contrast to reckless or aggressive driving, the disregard for traffic laws often involves deliberately ignoring certain road regulations in what the driver believes to be a safe way. Examples of this include rolling through stop signs, running red lights, and failing to signal when making a turn.
  • Non-Driver Related Accidents – While not the most common reason for car accidents, there are instances in which vehicular malfunction, poorly maintained roads, or other factors beyond the driver’s control cause a car accident to occur. In instances such as these, the party responsible for production of the vehicle or maintenance of the roads is likely to be legally culpable.

Car Accident Statistics in Arizona and Phoenix

During 2014 in Arizona, there were 4,922,676 licensed drivers on the road. They operated 5,300,980 registered vehicles. In that year, 109,554 total car accidents occurred, with 34,451 of those resulting in injury, and 708 resulting in death.

Maricopa County Accident Statistics

Of the recorded crashes in Arizona, 79,476 of them occurred in Maricopa County. Of those reported traffic accidents, 24,575 resulted in some sort of injury and 349 were fatal.

Common Times for Accidents to Occur

The most common time for car accidents is between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm. In fact, 72.5% of all accidents occur in this time frame, which makes sense when considering the times the majority of people travel to and from work or school. Additionally, the incidences of vehicular accidents tend to experience a spike during the holidays.

Demographics and Fatality Statistics

In 2014, approximately 2.12 people were killed daily because of injuries resulting from a car accident. In addition to that number, 139.99 people were injured every day. Alcohol-related crashes accounted for 4.46% of all incidents; however, traffic accidents that included a fatality involved alcohol 33.62% of the time. In that same year, 28 children aged 14 or younger were killed and 3,380 were injured in car wrecks.

Car accidents are a dangerous, but preventable, cause of injury and death in the United States. By obeying traffic laws and driving defensively, it is possible to greatly reduce your risk for being involved in a damaging traffic accident. The volume of drivers on the road can make accidents outside your control; however, it is vital to your and your loved ones’ longevity to take proper precautions.

Car Accident Types


In Arizona, the majority of accidents that occur take place within the confines of the city. In fact, over 81% of all accidents happened in an urban environment. Of these urban crashes, the majority – over 67% – resulted solely in property damage, while 31.65% involved injury and 0.42% were fatal. Though the fatality percentage sounds low, it represents the lost lives of 378 people in 2014 alone.

Nature of Accident

Collision between vehicles is the leading type of car accident. Over 55% of all crashes were the result of two or more vehicles crashing into one another in some form or fashion. Of these, nearly 3% involved motorcycles, with the majority or those – nearly 80% – resulting in injury and another 4% resulting in death.

The second most common type of accident involves a vehicle colliding with an object, either fixed or mobile. Over 10,000 accidents in 2014 were this type of collision, with over 2,000 resulting in injuries and 80 leading to fatalities.

Finally, collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists follow as the most common form of crash. Over 1,900 accidents of this nature occurred in 2014, resulting in nearly 1,200 injuries and 122 deaths.

Common Car Accident Causes

While each wreck has various factors impacting its cause, there are a few common driver errors or failures that are the most common contributors to accident and injury while operating a vehicle. Among these are:

Speeding – While speed limits are easy for many to disregard, they are in place with deliberate and calculated reason. Driving above the posted speed limit can leave drivers more vulnerable to collision. A variety of factors contribute to this, including decreased control when turning, decreased ability to stop suddenly, and less reaction time for various road hazards and events.

Distracted Driving – This term can cover many things. Driving while texting, using a cellular phone, or even searching for something while on the road are all potential hazards to a driver and those around him or her. Consequently, anything that removes too much attention from the road poses a potential risk under this category.

Driving Under the Influence – Drug or alcohol impairment is one of the main causes of accident-related injury and death year after year. Any amount of impairment, even that following the consumption of as few as two glasses of wine, poses a risk to those on the road and can be prosecuted as a DUI.

What Days/Times Do the Most Fatal Car Accidents Occur in Arizona?

While there are no hard-and-fast rules determining exactly when and where a car accident will happen, there are definitely times during which they tend to occur. In Arizona, 109,554 total crashes occurred in 2014. Of those, 0.65% were fatal, meaning 708 lives were lost. Following are the most common days and times during which fatal accidents occurred.

Most Common Days for Fatal Accidents in Arizona

On the weekend, far more fatal crashes take place in Arizona than during the workweek. The highest daily count for fatal motor vehicle collisions during the week in 2014 takes place on Wednesday, with 92 fatalities occurring as the result of a car accident. While the total number of fatal crashes, coming in at 401, is higher in total during the week, the weekend’s daily crash count is consistently higher. In order from greatest to least, Saturdays experienced 150 fatalities, Fridays 107, and Sundays 95.

Most Common Times for Fatal Accidents in Arizona

During the week, the highest instances of car wrecks occur during the standard commute times for the majority of workers. In the mornings, 7:00 and 8:00 experienced over 12,000 of the 81,371 total crashes, while the evening hours between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm accounted for 23,000 of that total.

Most Common Days for Fatal Accidents Nationwide

The United States and Arizona align closely for the most dangerous driving days. Saturday is the most dangerous day to drive across the United States, reporting more injuries and fatalities due to driving than any other day of the week. Closely following is Friday, with Sunday coming in third as the most car accident-prone day.

Most Common Times for Fatal Accidents Nationwide

Across the United States, the most dangerous times to drive are between midnight and 3:00 am on Sunday morning. Closely following is Saturday morning between midnight and 3:00am, with Friday between 9:00pm and midnight closely following. If seen in a linear way, the hours between 9:00pm Friday and the following 3:00am on Saturday are the most dangerous. In fact, the volume of fatalities during these times is nearly double that of the other most dangerous driving times.

Driving During the Holidays

Few people can imagine a worse time to sustain an injury or lose a loved one than over a holiday. Unfortunately, when it comes to car travel, this is often a reality. Often, this is a result of the stressful or celebratory nature of the holidays. Most accidents that occur are due to rushed or distracted driving, operating a vehicle under the influence, or driving while fatigued. There are, however, certain holidays on which the roads are more dangerous than the others.

Independence Day carries the most accident-related fatalities. Statistically, those numbers average around 540 deaths per year. Memorial Day comes in second, with around 407 deaths. Both of these holidays are often celebrated by drinking with friends; therefore, it follows that these days enhance the risk for road hazards. Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, and New Year’s Day follow as the most dangerous holidays for travel, with Christmas Day coming in 6th in instances of driving fatalities.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Arizona

If you have been involved in a car accident, you know what a jarring and difficult experience it can be. Following are a few ways that you can prepare to handle the accident aftermath in as smooth a manner as possible. Hopefully, these tools will help minimize the long-term damage resulting from the collision.

Immediately Following the Accident

Remain Calm

Directly following a car crash, it is essential to remain calm. It can be a highly jarring experience, but the best way to keep the situation from getting out of hand is by approaching it from a rational and emotionally stable standpoint.

Speak with the Other Driver or Affected Party

Before doing anything else, it is a good idea to speak with the other party involved – if there is one – to ensure that they did not sustain any serious injuries and create a plan to get to a safe place to assess the accident.

Move Away from Traffic

If at all possible, relocate yourself and your vehicle to a place away from the general flow of traffic. This will not only reduce the stress of the situation, it will also place you in an area where you are less likely to be further injured or sustain more damage to your vehicle.

Before Talking to Your Insurance Company

Call the Police

Once you have moved to safety, call the police to come and assess the situation. Once they arrive, you will be able to give a legally documented account of the events to an officer and will be able to use their observations and testimony going forward.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Information with the Other Parties

It is important for both you and others involved in the accident to obtain access to one another’s insurance information. If it becomes necessary to do so, this provides important information to contact each other following the accident.

Assess Damage and Injury

While waiting for the officer or tow truck to arrive, assess the damage to yourself, your vehicle, and the other vehicle as well as you can. Take a mental note of each significant factor in the crash, and account for all highly apparent damage or injury.

Document the Accident

It is best to go into a conversation with an insurance company with as much information as possible. Therefore, before you call, it is a good idea to document as much of the accident as you can. Take pictures of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, the area in which the crash occurred, and any external factors that may have contributed to the collision.

When Talking to Your Insurance Company

Be Clear

An accurate and succinct account of the events surrounding the accident will help your interaction with your insurance company go smoothly.

Provide Necessary Information

Make good use of the documentation and witness testimony you took note of on the day of the crash to avoid confusion and any false claims.

As with any legal matter, engaging expert legal counsel after a car accident is always a good idea. If you have been involved in a collision and hope to gain restitution for your pains, injuries, and damages contact Bill Black today.

Manufacturer Responsibility

In addition to another driver being at fault, many auto accident injuries occur because the vehicle manufacturer may have designed or built a vehicle that does not properly protect its occupants when they are involved in a collision. The vehicle may be prone to roll-over accidents because it is unstable or top heavy. Tire tread separation also causes accidents. It may not be crashworthy or may have problems with, or be lacking in, seatbelts, air bags or other safety devices. Defective tires have also become a major cause of many recent serious accidents. (See Injuries Caused by Defective Products)

At the Law Offices of William D. Black, we have processed thousands of personal injury claims arising from motor vehicle accidents and/or product defects over the last twenty-five years and have proven results in achieving excellent results for our clients. We hope you will make our Firm your first call when looking for someone to represent you in your case. We have a network of reliable experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, bio-mechanical engineering, vocational rehabilitation and a number of other important areas which allows us to present injury claims in their best and most persuasive form. We also can refer you to excellent medical care, in the event you have difficulty finding a doctor or therapist on your own. Many of our doctors to whom we refer clients are board certified in their subspecialties and agree to work on a lien basis, postponing payment until the conclusion of the case. We also have years of experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys. All of this experience and expertise, plus our state-of-the-art technology, allow us to fully investigate and prepare your injury claim and maximize your recovery.

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