Phoenix Attorney Claims Against Fiduciaries and Executors

Phoenix Attorney Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Estate Proceedings

Fiduciary misconduct can cause a great deal of damage to an estate, its beneficiaries and its creditors. We often represent interested parties seeking to make a claim against a fiduciary or beneficiary for breach of fiduciary duty.

We have the experience and the resources to ensure that you get the best results possible in your probate litigation. When an executor of a will, a trustee or other fiduciary has misused their authority, we can pursue a lawsuit and fight for a just recovery on your behalf. The Law Offices of William D. Black in Arizona is committed to superior legal representation with an emphasis on caring for our clients’ needs and maximizing their monetary recovery.

Claims Against Fiduciaries and Executors in Estate Proceedings

The Law Offices of William D. Black can process cases involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: A fiduciary is held to a high standard of care regarding the administration of the estate. Through excessive carelessness or inattentiveness, an executor or fiduciary can be in violation of this fiduciary duty, often called negligence.
  • Removal or surcharge actions: If the fiduciary or executor is indeed found to be in breach of the fiduciary duty or guilty of misconduct or negligence, we can motion for the fiduciary’s removal. If the damage caused by the misconduct is severe enough, we can initiate a surcharge action to force the fiduciary or executor to compensate the estate for damages caused by the breach.
  • Actions for accounting
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Asset valuation disputes

We represent beneficiaries, creditors and other interested parties in making sure wills are interpreted and probated correctly and the distributions made according to law. We also handle probate litigation involving abuse of power of attorney and elder exploitation .

Experienced Representation With a Reputation for Client Service

William D. Black has been a lawyer for more than 25 years. He is a fourth-generation attorney. Our firm prides itself on giving first-rate service promptly and for a reasonable rate. Many of our firm’s is referrals are made by past clients and from other attorneys who are familiar with the firm’s standards of excellence. Our clients appreciate the time we put in at the beginning of each of their cases to listen and understand their needs. We always put our clients first.

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