Chandler Business Sales and Acquisitions Attorney

If you are looking to purchase or sell a business in Chandler, Arizona, the counsel of an experienced business law attorney can be invaluable. Attorney William D. Black and his associates have everything you need for successful business purchase and sales agreements. We will help you understand and protect your rights as a buyer or seller. Our lawyers know what goes into these business transactions and can help you structure your deal. Contact us today for a free consultation with a business sales and acquisitions attorney in Chandler.

How Can a Chandler Business Purchase and Sales Agreements Attorney Help You?

A business purchase and sales agreement is a complex legal document that must be carefully drafted and perfected before being signed. There are numerous legal issues that must be considered and resolved in a satisfactory manner to protect the interests of both parties. The Law Offices of William D. Black has helped to facilitate many business acquisitions and sales over the years in Chandler and throughout Arizona. We are prepared to assist you with your business matter using a personalized legal strategy.

Hiring an attorney to represent you during the sale or acquisition of a business in Chandler can prevent you from making a harmful mistake, such as agreeing to terms that are not in your best interest or accepting a deal that is unfair or unreasonable. Your lawyer can carefully review the purchase and sales agreement and other contracts related to your business deal. Your lawyer can then offer advice and counsel that you can trust to help you buy, sell, acquire or transition a business.

Our Business Mergers and Acquisitions Services

The buying and selling of businesses often require assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable business sales and acquisitions attorney. The documents involved, such as the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) must contain all of the necessary legal language and terms to enact the transfer successfully. As a buyer or seller, you should also negotiate your side of the deal to make sure it is in your best interest. At The Law Offices of William D. Black, we can help you with a business sale or purchase by providing the following services:

  • Representing you during preliminary discussions
  • Helping you make tactical decisions relating to mergers or acquisitions
  • Planning and drafting business purchase and sales agreements
  • Drafting consulting agreements with the seller
  • Reviewing contracts and legal documents
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Finalizing purchase contracts
  • Dealing with post-closing adjustments
  • Navigating breach of contract disputes
  • Helping you dispute a contract that you believe is unfair or unenforceable
  • Assisting you with the tax implications of your sale or purchase

Our lawyers will stand by your side throughout the legal process from start to finish. Then, if you need us for further business ventures – such as navigating employment laws and drafting contracts for a newly acquired business – we will continue to provide legal support on your behalf. We will do everything that we can to help improve the success of your business undertaking.

Speak to a Chandler Business Sales and Acquisitions Attorney Today

The lawyers at The Law Offices of William D. Black can help you in many ways if you are considering buying or selling a business in Chandler, Arizona. Our business attorneys can assist you with a legal matter such as a sales or purchase contract, loan or financing agreement, operation agreement, commercial lease, employment law concerns, business organization structure, tax law matters, and more.

Involving an attorney or financial expert as early as possible in your business transaction is important. That way, you can avoid making a mistake and having to undo a transaction that has already been started. For more information about our sales and acquisition services in Arizona, call (602) 265-2600 or contact us online to request a free consultation with an attorney.

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