Understanding the Basics of Trademark Laws

Visions of sought-after tennis shoes, stylish clothing, and even online shopping giants emerge when we see a logo or symbol or hear an identifiable slogan that has become synonymous with specific goods. Logos, slogans, and brand names are trademarks protected by laws that allow these identifiers to become a business’s property.

If your business has any identifying information, such as a logo, name, or slogan, that distinguishes it, then seeking a trademark will allow you to protect your business from infringement. When you are represented by a reliable practice in Phoenix, like the Law Offices of William D Black, you can feel confident in your work. While you expand your business, we remain dedicated to protecting your business rights and trademarks.

Protecting Your Business Identity

Having a trademark approved and registered is the first step to protecting your business or the goods it produces from other companies impersonating or copying you by using your slogans, logo, or name. Once you have registered a trademark, these phrases, symbols, and slogans become your property to be used solely by your business. Trademark infringement refers to the actions of an individual or entity using a trademarked name or image that does not belong to them for deceitful gain.

Owning a trademark is essential because it allows you to take legal action if you discover another entity is using your brand without approval. When this happens, you can pursue the entity in a lawsuit and recover damages from its use of your brand. A trademark also allows you to obtain a court order to cease using your brand by any unauthorized business or person, requiring them to turn over profits they may have earned by using your property.

What a Trademark Ensures

When your product is trademarked, it gives consumers insight into the product they just purchased.

  • A trademark ensures the quality of production that is known to your business.
  • A trademark ensures the value of the product.
  • A return guarantee often comes with a trademarked item when sold or traded to another individual.
  • It guarantees that you profit from the product you are producing.

Registering a Trademark

To ensure the protection of your goods on a far-reaching scale, you must file an application, pay a fee to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and have your trademark approved. This approval guarantees that you own the rights, preventing other companies from using your trademark without your permission. This approval also aids in the prevention of counterfeit products being made and imported from other countries.

Your logo or slogan is automatically protected by law against other individuals or businesses using your property regionally. But to ensure your business integrity, it is best to register your brand.

The benefit of registering and having a trademark approved is that the document becomes available to the public, adding a layer of protection so another business cannot claim ignorance of your trademark’s existence.

Guidance for Phoenix Businesses and Trademark Laws

When you work hard to establish your business and set it apart from the others, you should also take the extra step to ensure you have created a level of protection against anyone wanting to benefit from your accomplishments. Establishing a successful business is something you should never stumble through. When you receive the guidance of the Law Offices of William D. Black in Arizona, your success becomes our priority.