Most Common Types of Business Disputes

A business dispute occurs when two parties in an agreement no longer agree in some way. Most companies will find themselves dealing with some type of business dispute from time to time. Not all of these disputes require legal support, but sometimes, having the guidance of an attorney can be critical to helping you get the desired outcome.

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Common Types of Business Disputes

The following are some of the most common types of business disputes. Remember that many of these are complicated and require a business dispute attorney to offer guidance.

Breach of Contract

Perhaps the most common type of business dispute is a breach of contract, an instance in which one party alleges the other did not fulfill the terms of a contract according to the rules set forth in it. This may be due to incomplete information or inaccurate details.

Business-to-Business Disagreements

It is not always a disagreement between a customer and a business that leads to disputes. Often, when business actions are unfair, or there is some type of deceptive act that takes place, that can lead to legal action, and in some situations, litigation can be critical to protecting your business’s rights.

Partnership Disputes

There are some situations where the people who come together to create a business do not find themselves in agreement, and there are often concerns over the assets or debts involved. When partners disagree on what is the best avenue for a business to take or when there are gaps in financial accuracy and competition, disagreements between partners tend to occur. These can lead to a dissolution of the business if legal help is not sought to help smooth out such instances.

Confidentiality Disputes

Protecting the valuable information and business secrets of one organization to the next is often critical to pursuing growth and limiting competition. When confidentiality disputes occur, businesses may face difficulty in protecting that sensitive data.

Employment Disputes

Disputes with employees, whether from the employee against the business or from the business against the employee, are also very common. They can occur for many reasons, including harassment, discrimination, pay, and much more. There are also concerns related to non-compete clauses that may apply in some situations.

What Should You Do When a Business Dispute Occurs

Business disputes are particularly worrisome because they can impact how a company operates. They can be costly losses that some smaller to medium-sized businesses may find hard to overcome. That is why hiring a skilled, experienced attorney is critical to help you navigate your rights throughout any of these common types of business disputes.

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