Boating Accident Safety Prevention Tips

Learning the ropes of boating safety is essential for protecting the well-being of oneself and surrounding boaters. Every year, Arizona lakes and reservoirs see a large number of accidents that could have been avoided with proper foresight. To learn more about how to prevent boating accidents or what to do after a boating incident, reach out to an Arizona boating accident attorney from William D. Black today.

Best Steps to Preventing a Boating Accident in Arizona

There are a number of steps that boaters can take to ensure they don’t become victims of boating accidents in Arizona. By taking the time to take advantage of the resources available to boaters in addition to becoming well-versed in boat safety, one can drastically reduce the likelihood of causing or becoming the victim of a boating accident.

Enroll in Boating Certification Sources

Boating education courses are a great way to learn about boating safety. The Arizona Game & Fish Department has even released a list of boating education courses that allow individuals to obtain their official boating licenses – many of which are valid for life. Furthermore, these give a deeper insight on how to properly look out for other boaters that may not be following proper boating guidelines themselves, ultimately equipping boaters with accident-preventing boating skills.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks on Your Boat

Much like a car or other types of motorized vehicles, regular maintenance and safety checks can lead someone to the foresight they need to prevent boating accidents. Missing life vests, faulty engines, or a leak in the hull are all valuable pieces of information that could be of use to someone trying to avoid accidents on the water.

Don’t Drive While Under the Influence

Another quite common incident is boating while under the influence. In comparison to driving an automobile, many boaters are more blasé about hitting the lake after a few beers. It can become even more enticing when other passengers on board begin drinking out of a cooler on deck. The reality is that it is still highly illegal to operate a watercraft under the influence of alcohol or other types of drugs.

Keep an Eye on the Conditions

Keeping a close eye on weather and water conditions is imperative to ensuring the safety of everyone on board, in addition to boaters in the immediate vicinity. Arizona can experience dramatic drops in water levels during the drier months, exposing shallow rocks and closer shorelines. In addition, intense monsoons and flash floods from June to September have been known to cause great destruction, having potentially devastating impacts on those out on the water.

First-Rate Legal Representation

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