Advantages of Having an Attorney for a Merger and Acquisition 

As you navigate the significant structural changes to your business, you may wonder what the value is in having an experienced attorney by your side to navigate this process. Even in simple transactions, the insights your attorney can offer can prove to be critically valuable. Consider the advantages of having an attorney for a merger and acquisition.

Know that the Phoenix business and commercial law attorney at the Law Offices of William D. Black is readily available to help you navigate the legal process. Reach out to us now for any guidance you need.

Our Knowledge of the Legal Aspects

As legal changes in ownership and structure, mergers and acquisitions are critical legal endeavors that must be navigated with care to protect all rights. That experience also ensures the process goes smoother and that the transaction can happen more efficiently.

Powerful Negotiation Skills

A significant portion of the work we do to support our clients is through negotiations. Our experience plays a role here, too. It allows us to have a better understanding of opportunities that may be present or gaps in contracts that could provide opportunities. We can also help our clients to better manage those behind-closed-door conversations that help bring parties together for solutions they can rely on.

Document Oversight and Management

Small mistakes in contracts and agreements can create long-term frustrations and legal complications for these transactions. Having a professional available to oversee this process who has completed those agreements and knows the intricacies of the process is critical. That includes matters related to employment contracts, consulting agreements, and confidentiality agreements. We can also work to help our clients establish and rework vendor contracts to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

As a component of our legal service, we handle all contracts. This includes the development of new, legally binding contracts, reviewing of established and remaining contracts, and negotiations for updates and changes. This includes everything from the building to the IRS contracts that may be in place for any party involved in the transaction.

Litigation Management

There are many situations where mergers and acquisitions lead to litigation matters. Whether one or both parties cannot come to an agreement, having legal representation to protect your rights is essential. We ensure that you work through the legal process with confidence, minimizing any risk of costly mistakes, miscommunications, or delays.

Guidance and Decision Making Support

Often, one of the most important benefits our team can offer to our clients is providing guidance and support. These decisions come with serious repercussions. You want to be sure you are making the best decision for yourself, your company, and your employees. We can help you navigate that process.

Set Up a Consultation to Speak to an Experienced Attorney

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